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School History

Evangelist Katherine Butler founded the Oakland Park School of Technology on June 9, 1999.  She was led by the Lord Jesus Christ to create a place that would bring a wealth of knowledge to the church as well as the community it serves. Two classrooms of the church were set aside for the computer school and its students. Computers were purchased, supplies and materials gathered and God began to bless. The school was dedicated unto the Lord on Sunday, November 29, 1999 and the school was open for its first class December 4, 1999. The first instructor for the Oakland Park School of Technology was Mrs. LaRita Smith who taught  MS Works and Windows XP and Typing Pro Part I and II.

Ms Diane Wandall joined the Oakland Park School of Technology staff and taught Typing Pro Part II. She later returned back to the Ohio State University to pursue her law degree. 
Mrs. LaRita Smith returned to the school to continue teaching Microsoft Office Part 2.
Mr. James Sayre Jr. joined the staff of OPST and is our current instructor.
LaRenzo Butler is the T.A. for Mr. Sayer.
During the course of Computer Science, some students attended special classes that benefited their need in the workforce and for their own personal growth. For those students who completed a total course load of 416 hours, they are receiving their certificate of completion today.
The OPST also offers one day seminars through out the year for various subject areas and hopes to expand itís course offerings in the near future to include English, Math and a GED program.  
During the summer of 2001, a computer program was held for the students of Mock Road University. There were a total of seven students who took advantage of this great opportunity! A Senior Seminar was added in 2002 to enrich the computer literacy of our seasoned adults. July 2002, the Oakland Park School of Technology received its accreditation from the Workforce Development Program and the school now has access to the CET and the CCVP programs respectively. Also in 2002, the Oakland Park School of Technology has six students from the Youth Department of the First Church of Christ receiving their certificate of completion in MS Works and Windows 98.   The Oakland Park School of Technology offers job placements for its students if they are seeking employment after graduation.
The Oakland Park School of Technology is a school of grace and integrity. For this school, prayer is essential before each class.  The teachers and students always gather and have prayer before the process of learning begins. Here, learning is a priority and every student is special.
Mr. Donald Bozzo joined us September of 2003,
and he taught the Computer Science Class. He designed our Web Site for the school.
Our ESL Classes was a success five student received their Certificate Degree.
The GED Classes will continue this Fall, and we are growing under the instruction of Mrs. Tina Trippett.

Mrs. Stacy Mundy is our newest staff member joining us this Fall, and she will be teaching the Accounting classes I, II, and III classes. We are excited about this session.
Technology is at the forefront of all economic growth, and if a person wants to excel, they must be technology savvy.
Greater things are expected from the Oakland Park School of Technology as higher heights and deeper depths are met.

October 23, 2008, Oakland Park School of Technology received their 501(3)c status. August 2008 there were eight student received their GED High School Diploma and many of whom marched to receive their  Certificate of Degree from Oakland Park School of Technology with honors.

December 12, 2009, Mrs. Annie J. Wolmack joined the staff of OPST and wrote the Grant Writing book Syllabus and tough the Winter and Spring courses. There were ten student graduated Spring from the Grant Writing Class She tough the  Financial Workshops during the Summer of 2009.

 This Fall we are beginning out Youth Art Development Certificate Program for the After School students develop their Technology skills and help prepare them for the workforce. They will be studying Accounting, Typing, and Microsoft Office programs, also, there will be Saturday workshops for the student to attend and the students will get acquainted with businesses in the area. The students will write resumes and go for job interviews while attending Oakland Park School of Technology.

In 2014 our Youth Summer Camp was an exciting year the enrollment was approximately fifty Ėfive students ages 6-14 . We recruited  teachers from Wright Choice and COWIC along with the head teachers and staff of OPST. The courses of study were:  Math, English, and Science. Our final outing was a trip to US skating. We received a grant to assist in the cost from the ADANAH Foundation.

OPST has been teaching  Child Development Associate Degree Training for seven years  and many has received  their Child Development Associate Degrees. Our classes are Saturday Only Classes 9;00am-2:00pm for 16 weeks to retrieve the 120 hours  needed and to completing the portfolio

In 2017 , we look forward to continuing to best we can be in the Technology Field and to present to our students  the best courses  available to assist the them in the workforce.



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