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I retired from the telephone company with 30 years of service. I still wanted to work but needed to do something different. After a year and a half of retirement bliss, I was asked by my pastor to set up and run an infant care facility for our church.  He also enrolled me at the Oakland Park School of Technology. I previously worked with computer but really didn't know anything about the different programs and was always afraid that I would mess up the computer. My Instructor at Oakland Park was very patient and knowledgeable. I learned so much and as the Administrator of the daycare. I am able to run my office so much more efficiently. And my fear of messing up has been removed. At Oakland Park School, I did practical exercises in Works, Power Point, Excel, and Access. the material was easy to follow and very user friendly. My instructor was always available to answer questions.  The atmosphere was very comfortable and each class was always started with prayer. The staff was excellent, helping me gain my certificate of achievement. The knowledge I've acquired there will help me as I continue my education in Early Childhood Development.        Barbara Nicol

When I started classes at Oakland Park School of Technology I knew nothing about the Computer World. I had been out of school for many years, and felt I could not comprehend the material, and keep up with the younger ones in the class.  The faculty at Oakland Park School of Technology were very understanding of my situation. They went beyond the call of duty with encouragement and a one on one situation that helped build my self esteem.  I really began to have confidence that I could complete the course. Finally, after working very hard I received my degree in Computer Science, from Oakland Park School of Technology and now I can return to the workforce with confidences or I can use my skills to enhance my life in general._____ Christine Butler 

IT'S MY TIME       Years I have struggled within myself feeling I could not make changes to better my life, or to improve my status in the workforce. I began to think if my children had never seen me trying to do better in my life, then why should they. I was working a job with no benefits and low wages. I did not set goals in my life. As a single mom I began cooking for a daycare center. I always knew that it was not me. I was no one’s cook!  I said to myself ‘One day I’m going to have a job in an office as a secretary.” At that moment I knew I had set goals for my life. My mind was made up.  I started telling my kids  what my goals were for my life. I told the Lord what my desires were, and waited until the door opened. WOW! OAKLAND PARK SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY was my chance to make my goals come to life. When I first walk into the classroom I knew my prayers were answered. I stayed in my classes. I did not know anything about computers, nor did I even know how to turn one on. I could not type, but I stayed focused, and I had the best teachers. As the year progressed, my grade point average was a B. I was amazed at the knowledge and wisdom the Lord blessed me with.  It was the highlight of my life when it was time for me to graduate at the Oakland Park School of Technology. The day I received my certificate I thought, only if my mom could see me now. I know she would be proud of me. You know, I believe she did know. Thanks mom! The job as a cook is behind me now and I can proudly say that I am an Accountant working in a corporate office. Sitting at my desk, I can loudly  proclaim “That I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.                    NOW IT’S YOUR TIME  ____ Jessie M. Jessie



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