Oakland Park school of Technology

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School's Mission Statement

Oakland Park School of Technology's mission is to empower our community by offering its residents an opportunity to obtain skills in the technical and computer science field. Our students leave our school trained and able to secure better paying jobs in the technical markets. The school will focus all of its efforts in providing training and assistance to equip students for careers that will not only enrich their lives, but also revive the community in which they live.

Faculty And Administrators

Katherine Butler
Counseling, BA
Theology, MA
Special Training: Computer Science

Annie J. Wolmack
Accounting/Business Administration, BS
Computer Programming
Business Tax
Grant Writer


Mr. Roosevelt Hartley, III
Accounting/ Business Administration, MBA

Mrs. Misty Pace
CDA Instructor
Early Childhood Degree M.A.
Specialization: In Early Childhood Administration, Management and Leadership B.A.


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