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School Calendar
The school operates on a non-traditional term. We do not utilize the conventional academic calendar of sessions. The Classes are conducted 6:00-8:00 PM., two times a week for eight weeks. Anew session will begin 8 weeks with a one week break in between

If Classes are canceled due to an emergency, the cancellation will be announced during the television news broadcast on Channel 6 and/or Channel 4. The school will attempt to contact the students if possible.
            The following holidays are observed and no classes are held:

New Years Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgivings Day
Christmas Day
Christmas Eve
Martin Luther King Day
Veterans Day 

The school reserves the right to amend the calendar

Class Starting And Ending Dates:
Basic Computer Skills, Typing and Accounting
Tuesday / Thursday Classes
2017 - 2020 School Session

Fall Start Date Class No. End Date
Basic Computer Sept. 12 101 Nov.  2, 2017
Typing I Nov. 21 102 Jan. 19, 2018
Winter / Spring Start Date Class No. End Date
Microsoft Office II Sept. 11 105 Nov. 1, 2018
Typing II
Apr. 17 104 June 7, 2018
Microsoft Office II Sept. 11 105 Nov. 1 2018
Fall Start Date Class No. End Date
Front Office
Nov. 20 106 Jan. 17, 2019
QuickBooks Pro Feb. 5 107 Mar. 28, 2019
Fall / Winter / Spring Start Date Class No. End Date
Tuesday and Thursday -- 1.5 Hour Lab and 30 Minute Lecture
Accounting I Apr. 16 115 Jun. 6,  2019
Accounting II Sept. 10 116 Oct. 31,  2019
Accounting III Nov. 12 117 Jn. 9,  2020

Entrance Requirements
Applicants must be 18 years of age. (Summer session will be open to all Ages)
Applicants must have a personal interview with school administrator
Applicants must be drug free and pass a drug test, if necessary
All applicants must posses a valid driver's license or state ID
Applicants must be a high school graduate of hold a GED

Leave Policy
The school does not provide or permit a leave of absence. The classroom requirements and the current absence/tardiness policy allow sufficient time for emergencies, therefore, if a student must leave for an extended period, it is best for the student and the school if the student
withdrawals and re-enrolls at a later date.

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